Pest Control Services in Lakeport, CA

JD Zastrow’s Pest Control has provided home and business owners throughout Lakeport, Finley, Kelseyville, and North Lakeport, CA with reliable and affordable pest control services for over 13 years. It’s never pleasant when you notice unexpected visitors at your property. All it takes is one call for wasp removal and more, and you can say goodbye to nuisance pests at your home or business.

Insect Control

Noticing unwanted creepy-crawly guests at your home or business? Resist the urge to panic and give us a call instead. We treat the problem at the source, so you’ll never have to worry about insect infestations again. Our pest control services in Lakeport, CA eliminate the following nuisances:

Pest Control Services


These pests are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Don’t delay in calling us for a comprehensive treatment plan to get rid of roaches.

Pest Control Services


Our human- and pet-safe treatments take care of pesky fleas, so they don’t cause problems for you or your furry friends.

Pest Control Services


Even non-venomous spiders are a huge hassle at a home or business. Call us to rid your property of these eight-legged critters.

Pest Control Services


Ants are a huge pain because they repopulate so quickly. Our experienced technician treats your property to get rid of the entire colony, queen and all.

Pest Control Services

Bed Bugs

These pests are some of the most difficult to get rid of, but our comprehensive solutions get you back to sleeping in your bed in no time.

Pest Control Services


We need bees to survive, but we don’t need them making their nest in your home or business. Rely on us to remove the colony humanely.

Pest Control Services


While earwigs are more annoying than hazardous, they’re still not pleasant to deal with on your property. Call us to eradicate them.

Pest Control Services


If you’re noticing these menacing creatures flying around your property, you know you’ve got a problem. Our wasp removal technicians remove this tricky pest right away.

Pest Control Services

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are another example of stinging insets that need a professional solution. Rely on us so you can step outside without worry.

Rodent Control

We’re the experts in mouse and roof rat control in Lakeport, CA. Rats and mice pose a significant health and safety hazard at any property. We use modern rodent removal techniques to ensure your home or business is free from the following rodents:

Roof Rat Control


Rat infestations risk the health and safety of the occupants of any building. They’re incredibly smart and breed rapidly, and they also eat just about anything. Call us for roof rat control so you can get back to normal quickly.

Rodent Removal


While mice aren’t as big as other rodents you may find at your property, they’re still a huge pain. Don’t wait to deal with the problem—mice are quick to breed and can overrun a building. Give our rodent control experts a call and we’ll handle the infestation right away.

Handling Pest Problems Quickly and Effectively

JD Zastrow’s Pest Control has the knowledge, experience and dedication to rodent removal and pest control services to get rid of nuisances and restore safety to your property. Call us at 707-367-3606 as soon as you spot a pest, and we’ll take care of it quickly.

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