Fleas are a parasite which feed on the blood of warm blooded animals and humans. They pierce the skin, inject an anti-coagulant chemical into the host to prevent blood clotting and suck out the blood. A flea bite can cause acute irritation, infection and transfer of other parasites, such as, tapeworms. Fleas often enter a building on dogs and cats, and are commonly deposited in carpeted areas, in the garden, and your yard. Flea eggs can take several weeks to more than 12 months to hatch.

To help prevent re-infestation the home owner should regularly vacuum carpets and wash your pet (dogs and cats) with shampoo containing a flea control product. Restrict access of your dog and/or cat, to internal and sub-floor areas particularly during the summer months. It is important to eliminate the problem completely as they can lay many eggs in a short period of time.