Most ant species are highly developed social insects that live in permanent nests and depending on the species, can be found in the soil, in timber, under pavers, in wall cavities or rooftops. Ants can travel large distances in search of food. Even the cleanest homes can provide a food source for ants. Once found ants can invade in large numbers, such that professional help is required. Some inflict severe bites but most are a nuisance pest when they infest kitchens and BBQ areas in large numbers.

Some products can provide short term relief, but can also make the problem worse. Ants are easily repelled by some remedies and, without finding the colony, their repeated use can often cause a colony to move or even split into multiple colonies. Simply killing foraging ants will not eliminate the colony since the queen remains in the colony and her sole purpose is to lay more eggs to ensure the survivability of the colony.

Ants are the number one pest problem and homeowners trust a professionals advice and solutions. Since an infestation in the house is likely from outdoor populations, you should expect your pest control professional to perform a thorough inspection of the surrounding environment and develop a strategy to prevent re infestation of the building.